IPART has released its Draft Report on the contributions that Camden Council can levy on developers in the Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct. The Lowes Creek Maryland Contributions Plan (the plan) has been included as a third precinct in the broader Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan.

Camden Council proposes to levy around $445 million to provide the infrastructure needed to service the area, such as open space, transport and stormwater infrastructure.

”Our analysis has found that most of the infrastructure costs in the plan are essential and reasonable, and that public consultation has occurred. However, we have made draft recommendations on some areas of the plan that require minor changes. These changes will ensure that all costs in the plan are reasonable and necessary to service demand from the new development” said Tribunal member Deborah Cope.

After implementing our draft recommendations, we expect that the total reasonable cost of the plan will be around $442 million.

The plan covers around 265 hectares and is expected to provide infrastructure to 7,000 new dwellings and a population of around 21,000. Depending on the type and size of home, the council is proposing contribution rates that range from around $39,000 to $75,000 for homes in the precinct.

We are seeking stakeholder feedback on our draft recommendations and any other issues raised in the Draft Report by 24 October 2023.

We intend to present a Final Report to the Minister for Planning and Open Spaces by December 2023.

Media Contact: Candy Nahnsen, 0427 105 865, media@ipart.nsw.gov.au