IPART seeks views on Dams Safety Regulation Levy

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is seeking stakeholder views to inform the design of a levy to fund the regulation of dams safety that is fair and efficient.

IPART Tribunal Member Jonathan Coppel said IPART is seeking views from all stakeholders, including the owners of ‘declared dams,’ who would be subject to pay the levy.

“Dams play an essential role in the NSW economy and environment,” he said.

“Dams Safety NSW does important work regulating the safety of dams in NSW, especially as we face the increasing impacts of climate change and more extreme weather events. Ensuring the safety of declared dams is in everyone’s interest – now and into the future.”

Dams Safety NSW is an independent body funded through government expenditure that regulates dams around the state, making sure they are safe for the community and environment.

Mr Coppel said the NSW Government has authorised IPART to look into how Dams Safety NSW’s efficient costs could be paid for in future by a levy on the owners of dams it regulates.

Mr Coppel noted that IPART is seeking views early in the review.

“We are focusing on making sure the levy is fair and efficient. It’s important that stakeholders have their say now, so we can consider all the issues,” he said.

“We would like to hear from all interested parties, including owners of declared dams and members of the community.”

IPART has released an Issues Paper, and the closing date for submissions is Tuesday 16 April 2024. IPART will consider all feedback and comments before publishing and seeking stakeholder feedback on a Draft Report in June 2024. Stakeholders will also be invited to participate in a Public Hearing in July 2024, before IPART’s Final Report is provided to the Government in September 2024.

IPART will make its recommendations to the Minister for Water in September 2024.

More information can be found on IPART’s website.

Media Contact: Mark O’Brien 

0427 105 865