The website has been re-designed and the IPART branding has been refreshed.

There are several reasons for this. IPART has recently adopted a new strategic plan which sets enhanced engagement as a key aspiration.

It says that IPART will work to ensure ‘a broader range of stakeholders has meaningful input in our processes’.

A more user-friendly website

As part of this aspiration we’ve consulted stakeholders and consumers about our website and made several improvements to make it more user-friendly.

These include better internal search on the website and a stronger emphasis on stakeholders ‘having their say’.

At the same time we’ve updated our branding to reflect the organisation’s emphasis on being a modern regulator that engages broadly.

Old website went end-of-life

There was also a practical reason that we needed to make some changes.

The trigger for the changes to the website was that the back-end system that supports the website went end-of-life earlier this year.

In order to maintain a supported and secure website, we had no choice but to build a new website on a new platform.

Feedback welcome

It has been a major project to migrate all the website content to the new site so there may be a bit of fine-tuning that needs to happen in the first few weeks.

We’d love your feedback on the new website and branding. Please send us any comments to