Our stakeholder surveys tell us how we perform, and we use the results of the survey to improve the way we communicate and engage with our stakeholders.

For the 2022 survey we redesigned our survey approach and questions to get more detailed feedback from a wider group of stakeholders. The intention was to get more meaningful feedback by increasing the breadth of the stakeholders surveyed.

There was a broad cross-section of responses across the various sectors we engage with, including government agencies, regulated entities, small to medium businesses, peak bodies and the community.

A total of 188 stakeholders completed the survey. Twenty-seven respondents took part in telephone interviews to further explore their perspectives.

What you told us

The overall feedback was more positive than negative, with several comments that things had improved over the last couple of years.

There were also some areas for improvement highlighted by the survey. They include slow and overly formal responses at times; a perception that different stakeholder groups are treated differently; a lack of understanding in some cases of the industries we regulate, and a need for improved plain English communications.

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We would like to sincerely thank our stakeholders for taking the time to give us their feedback.

Our commitments to you

This feedback will help inform a new Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategy which will be released mid-year.

It will also guide some fine-tuning of our approach to stakeholder engagement. Some actions we commit to implementing immediately include:

  1. Responsiveness. Be upfront about when and how often you can expect to hear from us in response to your queries.
  2. Clarity. Clearer outlines of how we will interact with different stakeholder groups and information about what is negotiable and what isn’t.
  3. Understanding. More one on one engagement with stakeholders and increasing face to face interactions including in-person public hearings when that is preferred.
  4. Communication. Continue to improve our use of plain English and include plain English summaries of key documents on our website.

Updates on what we are doing will be provided through our monthly IPART newsletter and on our website. Make sure you subscribe below.

Contacting us

We welcome your feedback at any time:

  • through our website 
  • by calling us on 02 9290 8400 or
  • by speaking directly with key contacts, as listed on the relevant pages of our website.

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