On 12 September 2023, IPART held a Public Hearing to seek feedback on our approach to undertaking the Biodiversity Market Monitoring Review.

The hearing had 3 sessions:

  • Session 1 was a discussion of credit demand in the market, including the impacts of government interventions and demand from major projects.
  • Session 2 was a discussion of credit supply in the market, including how well supply is responding to demand, shortfalls of credits and barriers to entry for credit suppliers.
  • Session 3 was a discussion of the process of trading in the market, including market complexity, whether market participants have the information they need, and governance and compliance measures to ensure fair trading and market integrity.

Public Hearing materials

The agenda, presentation slides and a summary of the discussion are available below.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Public Hearing and provided feedback to the Tribunal. We will consider all views before we publish our Annual Report in December 2023.

Supplementary submissions following the Public Hearing

  1. Individual - L. Newnam
  2. Individual - Name suppressed (W23/3494) (Confidential)**

** Submission not published due to confidentiality and/or other legal reasons