IPART held a Public Hearing on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 on our draft new water regulatory framework.

In May 2022, IPART published a draft report outlining our proposed improvements to how we regulate water businesses. These changes are aimed at supporting the sector in delivering customer value and addressing key challenges like climate change and population growth. 

On 16 August 2022 we held a Public Hearing as part of our stakeholder consultation. The event was held in person at the Rydges World Square Hotel in Sydney, with an option to join remotely via video link. The Public Hearing represented an opportunity for the public and stakeholders in the water sector to provide their views and feedback on our proposed framework, as well as ask questions if needed.

The transcript and video recordings (part 1, part 2of the Public Hearing can be accessed through the hyperlinks, as well as the slides prepared for the event below: