The Gas Supply Act 1996 is the key legislation governing the supply of natural gas and LPG in NSW.

IPART is required to administer the gas licensing regime under this Act. As part of our role, we:

  1. make recommendations to the Minister for Energy and Environment the granting, variation, cancellation and conditions of gas reticulator (distribution) licences; and
  2. regulate compliance with those licences, recommend enforcement or corrective action for non-compliance, and report to the Minister annually on the extent to which licence holders have complied with their licence conditions.

For more information about our gas licensing administration role, see Gas Networks.

IPART does not set gas prices. When the NSW Government deregulated retail gas prices in 2017, it extended IPART’s role monitoring the performance and competitiveness of the electricity retail market for small customers to cover the gas retail market. For more information about our monitoring role, see Gas prices.