Licensing and authorisation

IPART administers the licensing regime on behalf of the Minister for Resources and Energy.

The Minister issues authorisations for the reticulation of natural gas and licences for the distribution of LPG in NSW. These authorisations and licences are subject to conditions covering matters such as consumer protection and safety.

IPART administers the licensing and authorisation regime on behalf of the Minister. It advises the Minister on:

  • the granting variation or transfer of a licence
  • the imposition, variation or cancellation of licence conditions
  • any action to be taken for a contravention of licence conditions
  • any remedial action that may be warranted as a result of a contravention of licence conditions.

IPART may also impose monetary and non-monetary penalties and take other action it considers appropriate against licensees for breaches of licence conditions.

Gas retailer authorisations are administered by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

For further information please follow this link to the AER's Public Register of Authorised Retailers and Authorisation Applications or email the AER at:

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