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IPART has commenced its assessment of Liverpool Council's Austral and Leppington North Precinct Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan (ALN CP).

The council has prepared the ALN CP to collect contributions from new residential and non-residential development. These contributions will provide a range of new and augmented infrastructure, including new roads, new parklands and stormwater management infrastructure to meet the needs of an expected 55,000 new residents in the ALN precinct.

Under the plan, contributions for a residential dwelling will be approximately $58,000 ($24,238 for stormwater plus $34,334 for other infrastructure).

The council has submitted the plan to IPART for assessment because its proposed contributions exceed $30,000 per dwelling, the cap that triggers an IPART assessment in greenfield developments.

Our assessment will consider whether the ALN CP meets the criteria as set out in the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Practice Note.

We will publish a Draft Report on our assessment findings and recommendations. At that time, we will welcome submissions from any interested parties.

We will provide our final assessment and recommendations to the Minister. The Minister, or his Nominee, will advise the council on any changes it needs to make prior to adopting the plan. The council will then be entitled to charge the applicable contributions rates in the ALN CP.

Key contact
Albert Jean
02 9290 8413