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IPART has completed its assessment of Liverpool Council's East Leppington Precinct Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan (EL CP).

The EL CP will levy around $80 million in contributions for local infrastructure. These contributions will fund open space, stormwater and transport infrastructure for the new residential development. This development will accommodate an expected increase in population of almost 3,500 people and over 1100 additional dwellings.

The council has submitted the plan to IPART for assessment because its proposed contributions of $66,365 for an average residential lot. This exceeds the cap of $30,000 per dwelling in greenfield developments, triggering an IPART assessment.

IPART considers the provisions of the CP to be reasonable, however there is a possibility the open space and transport works costs estimates in the plan are underestimated. We encourage the council to review these costs in future, especially once practical data from the costs of its implementation is available.

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