IPART has been asked by the NSW Government to review and recommend fees and charges for the NSW Trustee and Guardian’s (NSWTG) services. This is to be completed by 30 November 2014.
As part of our consultation process we have released an issues paper for interested parties to comment on. We are seeking stakeholders’ views on a range of matters including:
• whether some of the services provided by the NSWTG, that are also competitively available, should continue to be regulated
• the level of service provided by the NSWTG
• the efficient cost of the NSWTG’s providing its financial management and trustee services
• what portion of the efficient cost of the services it is fair to recover from clients and what portion should be funded by the broader community through the Government.
IPART has asked a series of specific questions to help inform our investigation. People can respond to any or all of the questions or make other comments they think we should hear. We ask that stakeholders respond by 5pm on 16 June either by email, fax or in writing as outlined in the issues paper.