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What is under review?

IPART is reviewing the arrangements governing third-party access to rail tracks in NSW. The NSW Rail Access Undertaking sets minimum terms and conditions and pricing guidelines for rail owners to negotiate access to their rail tracks with businesses, such as train operators.

We are considering a range of issues, including whether:

  • the current negotiation and arbitration processes are still the best way to ensure reasonable access prices and conditions
  • the minimum conditions should be updated, and the pricing guidelines remain appropriate
  • changes should be made to improve rail owners’ compliance with the Undertaking.

Who does this review affect?

Businesses such as train owners, freight companies, and coal and grain companies enter into agreements with the rail owners to access the rail tracks. NSW rail tracks are owned by either the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) (formerly RailCorp) or the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

The timetable of the review has been extended

On 14 February 2022, IPART wrote to Transport for NSW requesting a 3-month extension to the review timetable. The Deputy Secretary of Transport of NSW agreed to the extension. The final report will now be due to the Minister in November 2022.