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What was under review?

The NSW Rail Access Undertaking provides for third party access to certain parts of the NSW rail network. It limits the amount that rail owners can charge other businesses for using the network – they cannot receive more revenue than the economic costs of providing the service.

We have found that the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) met this requirement in 2021-22.

Who does this review affect?

This review affects TAHE and the users of its rail network. If TAHE collects too much revenue from rail users, then it must return this over-recovery.

This year our review affects the passenger service operators Sydney Trains and NSW Trains for the first time. In 2021-22 Sydney Trains and NSW Trains paid access fees for use of TAHE’s network. Prior to the establishment of TAHE in 2020, these operators were not third-party access seekers.

Key contact
Matthew Tsikrikas