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We undertake annual audits of Hunter Water’s compliance with its operating licence. The 2022 audit is the fifth audit under the 2017-2022 operating licence.

We audited Hunter Water’s compliance with its operating licence as required by the Hunter Water Act 1991. We sought stakeholder views on Hunter Water’s performance during the 2022 audit period (1 November 2021 to 31 October 2022) to inform our audit scope. Our audit interviews were held in November 2022.

IPART focuses on assessing whether the utilities are compliant with requirements of their operating licences. The audit applied a risk-based approach to focus on the systems and procedures in place throughout the audit period. The audit evaluated adequacy of controls to manage water quality, meet performance standards, adhere to prescribed water conservation measures, participate in long-term planning, protection of customers’ rights, and consultations with customers and stakeholders.

We provided the report to the Minister for Water in June 2023.

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Mamata Titus