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IPART is seeking feedback on its draft decisions on the prices Essential Water can charge for water and wastewater services in Broken Hill and the surrounding areas of Menindee, Sunset Strip and Silverton from 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2026.

We are also seeking feedback on the prices WaterNSW can charge for water transportation services provided by the Murray River to Broken Hill Pipeline.

Under IPART’s draft decisions, prices for water and wastewater services would remain stable for most customers, before inflation. This means a typical household would continue to pay a total annual bill of $1,453 over the next 4 years, before inflation.

Our draft decision on prices aim to minimise customer bill impacts while still providing Essential Water with enough funding to maintain good quality services in Broken Hill and the surrounding areas. While the quality and security of water has improved since the WaterNSW Pipeline became operational in 2019, Essential Water’s infrastructure is ageing and needs to be upgraded.

We recognise that affordability of water services is a key concern for Broken Hill customers. We found opportunities to reduce Essential Water’s proposed costs and hold draft prices constant over the next 4 years, before inflation. Under our draft prices, water bills would continue to be a small portion of median household income and would be comparable with what households pay in other regional areas in NSW.

IPART encourages customers and the community to make submissions on the Draft Report by 9 September 2022 and partake in our public hearing on 6 September 2022. The Draft Report, Draft Determination, and registration for the public hearing are available below.

Key contact
Matthew Mansell
02 9113 7770