These papers summarise the key topics covered in the Draft Report. They can be read independently of each other, though the Summary paper provides an overall outline of competitive neutrality and our review.

We are seeking feedback on the draft recommendations before finalising our review in May 2023. Submissions on the Draft Report close on 24 February 2023 and can be made here.

Summary children with teacher

Summary of competitive neutrality review so far

Why we are doing the review, what we’ve recommended and why.

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Scope tradie working on plumbing

What is within the scope of competitive neutrality?

Competitive neutrality applies to ‘significant government business activities’. This paper explains our proposed way of defining this through three tests. It also outlines our thinking on expanding the scope of competitive neutrality.

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Pricing and business structure for competitive neutrality

Once an activity has been identified as being subject to competitive neutrality principles, certain obligations apply to it. This paper focuses on draft recommendations relating to establishing the competitively neutral price, and business structure.

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public interest scales of justice

Public interest test for competitive neutrality

Competitive neutrality principles should only apply if there is a net benefit to society. This paper outlines our recommendations for the public interest test, which is used to weigh up the costs and benefits of applying competitive neutrality.

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Complaints and transparency

Our draft recommendations concerning the competitive neutrality complaints process and public reporting practices.

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Competitive neutrality for local government businesses

The key proposed changes that affect local government businesses and how government businesses would be supported in the transition to the revised policy.

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case study multi storey car park woman man car

Case study for competitive neutrality

A case study about multi-storey car parks that shows how all the elements of the revised competitive neutrality policy proposed in our Draft Report would be applied. 

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