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IPART has been asked to evaluate the scope and effectiveness of the NSW competitive neutrality policies and processes.

Competitive neutrality policies aim to ensure that government businesses that compete with the private sector should not have a competitive advantage over other businesses solely due to their government ownership. They aim to ensure a level playing field between government business activities and their non-government competitors.

We have released a draft report which puts forward 30 draft recommendations aimed at improving the policy. We are seeking feedback on the draft recommendations before finalising our review in 2023. We held an online public hearing on our draft report on 13 February 2023. Submissions on the draft report close on 24 February 2023.

Information papers 

We have prepared seven short information papers to complement our Draft Report on our review of NSW’s competitive neutrality policy. These papers summarise the key topics covered in the Draft Report. The papers can be found here

Key contact
Ineke Ogilvy
02 9290 8473