IPART is evaluating the scope and effectiveness of competitive neutrality policies and processes in NSW. Competitive neutrality aims to ensure that government businesses do not have a competitive advantage over other businesses because of their government ownership.

On August 8 and 9 we hosted 3 online workshops to hear about what is and isn’t working under the current NSW competitive neutrality framework, and what improvements could be made.

These workshops were aimed at stakeholders either in:

  • Local government businesses;
  • State government businesses; or
  • Private businesses.

You can view the agendas and slides for these workshops using the links below.

We will also upload a summary report of the key ideas we heard throughout these workshops shortly.


  1. Local government businesses workshop
  2. State government businesses workshop
  3. Private businesses workshop

Workshop slides

  1. Local Government businesses workshop
  2. State Government businesses workshop
  3. Private businesses workshop

More information

More information is available in our:

What we heard