IPART has released its Draft Report on the contributions that the Hills Shire Council can levy on developers in the Box Hill Precinct.

Developer contributions fund services and amenity for the developing area, such as open space, stormwater, transport, infrastructure and land.

The Hills Shire Council proposed to levy a total of around $1 billion in developer contributions to provide the infrastructure needed to service the area. Depending on the type and size of home, this would have resulted in contribution rates that range from $37,866 to $95,140 for residential development within the Box Hill Precinct.

”Our analysis has found that most of the infrastructure costs in the plan are essential and reasonable, and that community liaison has occurred,” said Tribunal Member Deborah Cope.

“However, we have made recommendations to reduce the contribution rates to range from $27,914 to $72,062 for residential development as this represents a reasonable apportionment of costs to future development.”

The contributions plan is expected to provide infrastructure to 16,030 additional dwellings and a population of up to 51,231 residents.

“We are also seeking further information from the council about its approach delivering infrastructure within the precinct within a reasonable timeframe,” Ms Cope said.

“We welcome stakeholder feedback on our draft recommendations by 17 November 2023.”

The Draft Report is available on IPART’s website.

IPART will present a Final Report to the Minister for Planning and Open Spaces in February 2024.

Media Contact: Candy Nahnsen, 0427 105 865, media@ipart.nsw.gov.au