Right to Information

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The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 creates new rights to information that are designed to meet community expectations of more open and transparent government. It encourages the routine and proactive release of government information. Click here to connect to the IPC website to find out more about your Rights to Information Act.

IPART supports the proactive release of information about its work and encourages members of the public and stakeholders to make submissions for the Tribunal’s consideration.

This website provides comprehensive information on IPART’s functions and the various kinds of information we hold. The following links relate to IPART’s obligations under the GIPA Act:

Documents tabled in Parliament

Documents about the agency that have been tabled in Parliament.

Disclosure Log

IPART’s disclosure log of formal access applications.

Tenders & Contracts

IPART’s register of awarded tenders & contracts.

Agency information guide

The open access information section contains details of IPART's structure and functions, types of information it holds, and the ways in which information can be accessed.

IPART’s Right to Information Officer is Michelle James who deals with formal access applications.
Email: michelle_james@ipart.nsw.gov.au

Have Your Say
IPART routinely seeks public input into our reviews via submissions, public hearings, stakeholder workshops and community surveys.
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