IPART is committed to making the people of NSW better off through independent decisions and advice. It is important that any conflicts of interest be managed effectively so that:

       • the Tribunal’s decisions are made, and are seen to be made, in the public interest, and

       • the Tribunal’s reputation for integrity, impartiality and independence is maintained.

As part of IPART’s approach to effectively managing conflicts, Tribunal and Committee members disclose and record personal or professional interests that may be relevant to their public duties.

The declared interest registers record disclosures made by current Tribunal and Committee members. This includes disclosures of pecuniary interests made under schedule 2, clause 6 of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992. Certain details may be omitted from the published registers (eg, to protect confidential or personal information, or where changing circumstances mean a disclosure is no longer relevant).

The register of pecuniary interest disclosures of former Tribunal members is available for inspection on request.

Carmel Donnelly – Chair

Jonathan Coppel - Tribunal Member

Mike Smart – Deputy Tribunal Member

Tim Moore - Local Government Committee Member

Sue Weatherley – Local Government Committee Member

Andrew Nicholls – Energy Network Regulation Committee Member

Disclosure of Interests – Protocol for Tribunal and Committee Members