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IPART is reviewing the methodology we use to set the local government rate peg

We published an Issues Paper in September 2022 and received 96 submissions.

We also held 7 workshops, 3 in-person in Wagga Wagga, Sydney, and Tamworth and 4 online in late November and early December 2022. Around 253 participants attended across the 7 workshops.

Given the scope of issues raised by stakeholders at our workshops and through submissions to our issues paper we will hold further consultation with stakeholders before releasing a draft report. IPART sent a letter to the Office of Local Government requesting an extension to the timeframes for the review to allow additional stakeholder consultation. The Office of Local Government has granted an extension to the review until 31 August 2023.

We will be releasing a Draft Report in June 2023 and scheduling public hearings in July 2023.

Workshops 2022

A complete set of presentation slides, and a summary of the workshops can be accessed:

Following publication of the workshop summary, we received feedback from some ratepayers about the extent to which the concerns they raised at the workshops had been reflected in the ‘workshop summary’ factsheet. These concerns included:

  • if the NSW Local Government (State) Award is used to measure changes in labour costs this would reduce councils’ incentives to control labour costs as increases in labour costs would be passed through to ratepayers
  • the inclusion of prison populations in the residential population when calculating population growth results in a higher rate peg and rating burden for ratepayers in council areas with prisons, particularly for council areas with new prisons
  • the affordability of rates for ratepayers, noting some ratepayers are on a fixed income and would prefer rate increases to be more aligned with CPI
  • the importance of incentivising council productivity to mitigate increases in costs and rates.

Ratepayer views are an important consideration in this review, and we are taking into account feedback received from all stakeholders in developing our draft recommendations.

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