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Early childhood education and care review update

Our Interim Report will be published on 20 October 2023.

Registrations are now open to join our online public hearing on Monday 30 October 2023 from 10:30am to 1pm to give feedback on the Interim Report draft findings and draft recommendations.

You will also be able to provide feedback via our survey or make a submission in response by 17 November.

Deborah Cope
Tribunal Member Deborah Cope to Retire

Chair Carmel Donnelly PSM announced earlier this year that Tribunal member Deborah Cope will retire in October.

"I would like to thank her for her service to NSW as a Tribunal member and pay tribute to her significant contribution," said Ms Donnelly.

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Independent Market Monitoring Review

We've published a paper setting out how we propose to undertake our market monitoring review of the childcare sector market.

We welcome your feedback specifically on the measures and performance indicators proposed in our methodology paper.

You can do this by making a submission by 3 October 2023.

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WaterNSW Operating Licence review

We have released an Issues Paper and are seeking feedback on potential changes to the WaterNSW Operating Licence.

Stakeholders, including WaterNSW customers who use their services are invited to make comment on the issues we have identified and anything else that matters to them.

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Reduction in developer contributions for North Kellyville

Developers could pay around $16,000 less for the development of local infrastructure in the western Sydney suburb of North Kellyville, as a result of recommendations by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

Developers currently pay a capped amount of $50,000 per typical house in North Kellyville, which goes towards providing local infrastructure such as roads, cycleways, stormwater facilities, parks and sporting facilities. IPART recommends that future developers pay around $34,000 per typical house.

Our assessment ensures that developers pay the reasonable cost of providing local infrastructure required by new developments in North Kellyville. We found that the council has already collected most of what it needs to pay for this infrastructure, both from existing development and State Government funding.

Development in North Kellyville will provide $74.1 million towards transport infrastructure, including upgrades of Hezlett Road, Withers Road, Samantha Riley Drive and Glenhaven Road. A further $51.4 million will pay for parks and sporting facilities in North Kellyville, including the Stringer Road Sports Complex and Samantha Riley Drive Reserve.

The council last estimated developer contributions in North Kellyville in 2011. Since then, population estimates have increased and planning for the precinct has progressed. We found that most of the infrastructure proposed by the council is needed, and the council’s cost estimates are mostly reasonable. IPART’s Final Report has been sent to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The Minister will consider our recommendations and advise the council of the changes it needs to make to its plan. After the council makes the changes and adopts the plan, developers can be charged the new, lower contribution rate.

The Final Report for IPART’s review of The Hills Shire Council’s Contributions Plan No.13 North Kellyville Precinct is available here.

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