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Competition, costs and pricing in the NSW Funeral Industry

In progress
Start Date
Oct 2020
End Date
Jun 2021

Competition, costs and pricing in the NSW Funeral Industry

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As part of our review into interment, we are now turning our attention to competition, costs, and pricing factors in the funeral industry.

Our objective is for consumers to be able to make informed choices about the kind of funeral they want at a price they can afford. 

In reviewing the funeral industry, we propose to assess and consider:

  • Whether the choice of funeral providers and services available are meeting people's needs and are affordable
  • The costs of providing funerals and whether prices reflect these costs
  • Consumer protection issues such as transparency of prices and ways of paying for funerals

We have released an issues paper which outlines our proposed approach to the review. Submissions on the issues paper have now closed.  You can see submission we received here.

The review team can be contacted by email.


Key Contact
Jennifer Vincent
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