Historical Rail Access Compliance

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Hunter Valley

In accordance with the requirements of Schedule 3 of the Undertaking, IPART determines the compliance of Owners with:

  • the Asset Valuation Roll Forward Principles, and
  • the ceiling test, having regard to the operation of the Unders and Overs Account.

IPART has prepared guidelines to provide information and guidance to Rail Infrastructure Owners, Access Seekers and interested parties in relation to IPART's annual review of compliance under the Undertaking.

2010/11 ARTC
2010/11 RailCorp
2009/10 ARTC
2009/10 RailCorp
2008/09 ARTC
2008/09 RailCorp
2007/08 ARTC
2007/08 RailCorp
2006/07 ARTC
2006/07 RailCorp

Non Hunter Valley

Under clause 5(f) of Schedule 3 of the Undertaking, we are required to assess whether Rail Infrastructure owners has demonstrated to our reasonable satisfaction that access revenue of its non- Hunter Valley Coal Network  sectors is not more than 80% of the access revenue likely to be derived by the application of the Ceiling Test  (as defined in the Undertaking)  for the relevant year.

2012/13 Final Decision - ARTC - For the Gap to Turrawan sector
2013/14 Final Decision - ARTC - non-Hunter Valley Coal Network sectors
2012/13 Final Decision - RailCorp - Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network
2012/13 Final Decision - ARTC - non-Hunter Valley Coal Network sectors
2011/12 Final Decision - TfNSW - Country Regional Network

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IPART routinely seeks public input into our reviews via submissions, public hearings, stakeholder workshops and community surveys.
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