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The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is seeking feedback on potential changes to the Hunter Water Operating Licence.

The review will consider potential improvements to customer protections. It will also look at reducing duplication of regulatory functions with NSW Health and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The operating licence sets the terms under which Hunter Water must provide water and sewerage services for the Lower Hunter region. It sets the quality and performance standards that Hunter Water must comply with, including water quality standards and standards regulating service interruptions. It also includes terms and conditions requiring Hunter Water to undertake water conservation, for protecting customers’ right and consulting with customers, for managing Hunter Water’s assets and environmental activities.

We are seeking feedback from all stakeholders, including Hunter Water’s customers and consumers who use Hunter Water’s services, on the issues we have identified and anything else that matters to them.

Our Issues Paper explains how we propose to undertake our review, and the questions on which we seek feedback. We invite submissions from all interested parties on these questions, or any relevant issue by 22 October 2021.

Hunter Water’s submission is due by 8 October 2021, to allow other stakeholders time to consider Hunter Water’s views, and proposed customer contract, when preparing their own submissions.

Key contact
Mamata Titus