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IPART regulates the costs and performance of several NSW ‘monopoly’ water businesses.

We are reviewing how we do this, and have released a draft report. It sets out a number of improvements that will enable these water businesses to deliver better value for money to their customers and address key challenges like climate change and a growing population.

Key proposed improvements

  • Broaden the focus of IPART pricing reviews so that water businesses promote customer value, cost efficiency and credibility over the short- and long-term.
  • Tailor IPART’s assessments based on how well each business promotes customer expectations, providing more flexibility for the business to deliver for customers.
  • Reward businesses for delivering customer value, while keeping them accountable for meeting their commitments to customers.

This draft report reflects and considers what stakeholders have told us throughout the review. It consolidates the reforms presented in all three previous discussion papers and shows how they work together as a package.

Collaborating with stakeholders

As part of releasing this Draft Report package, we will hold a series of workshops to work together with the water businesses – and any other interested stakeholders - to successfully implement key aspects of the proposed framework. We will also hold a Public Hearing in July to consult with stakeholders on the proposed reforms presented in the draft report.

We will update this webpage periodically with meeting details. Please register your interest to receive more information about the implementation workshops or public hearing.

The draft report package

  • A Draft Report and accompanying Technical Paper
  • A visual summary and Powerpoint presentation that summarise the key reforms
  • Two consultant reports from Incenta Economics and Dr Richard Holden which reviewed the proposed framework


We are reviewing how we set prices, and licence conditions, for the ‘monopoly’ businesses that we regulate ‑ Sydney Water, Hunter Water, Central Coast Council, Essential Water, WaterNSW, the Sydney Desalination Plant (SDP) and the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation (WAMC).

Key contact
Anthony Rush
02 9113 7790