Metro Pricing

Review of recycled water prices for public water utilities

In progress
Start Date
Sep 2018
End Date
Jun 2019

IPART is reviewing our pricing arrangements for recycled water and related services for Sydney Water, Hunter Water, the Central Coast Council and Essential Energy (in Broken Hill).

The review includes developer charges for recycled water.


IPART last established guidelines for recycled water in 2006.  We also set a determination for recycled water developer charges in 2006.  Essential Energy was not included in these guidelines.

We are reviewing our pricing arrangements to ensure these are appropriate and up to date. 

We will also make sure our methodology for recycled water developer charges is consistent with our determination for other developer charges.


We released an Issues Paper in September 2018 for public consultation.  We also held a Public Hearing in December 2018.

Our Draft Report sets out our draft pricing arrangements for recycled water and related services. 

What next

Submissions to the Draft Report and Draft Determination are due by 26 April 2019.

We will consider all stakeholder comments before we release our final decisions, scheduled for late-June 2019.

Key Contact
Jean-Marc Kutschukian
02 9290 8453
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IPART routinely seeks public input into our reviews via submissions, public hearings, stakeholder workshops and community surveys.
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