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IPART is reviewing the future of embedded networks in NSW. We have been asked to recommend:

  • appropriate price methodologies for setting electricity, gas, and hot and chilled water prices for customers in embedded networks, and the compliance and enforcement framework for any new price protections
  • whether the NSW Government should prohibit the establishment of new hot and chilled water embedded networks.

We have published our draft recommendations

Our draft recommendations are that maximum gas and electricity prices for embedded network customers should be set by benchmarking them to retail offers for non-embedded network customers. Our draft pricing methodologies for hot and chilled water would also be based on these prices. This ensures that embedded network customers do not pay more for their energy than other customers.

In forming our draft recommendations, we applied our draft methodology to historical data sets of published offers to understand what the prices would have been relative to other offers in the market. You can find this data here.

We have consulted on our draft report and will consider all feedback in making our final recommendations to the NSW Governments.

About embedded networks

Embedded networks are private energy networks for services such as electricity, hot water and gas. They are typically found at more recent residential developments, shopping centres, and caravan parks.

Customers in embedded networks have limited access to retail competition and competitive market forces to put downward pressure on prices.

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