We track retailers’ electricity and gas prices

There are many electricity and gas retailers in the market, that all charge their own prices. As part of our market monitoring role, we track these prices over time.

The worksheet in the table below shows the median electricity bill since 2014 and the median gas bill since 2018, for a constant level of consumption for each network area.

Before 2014, IPART set limits on electricity retail prices for the Government retailers in each network. The worksheet in the table below provides a time series of historical regulated retail electricity prices in NSW. The link contains a price index from 1992-93, and indicative customer bills based on regulated prices from 1999-2000.

Prices since 2014

Median electricity and gas bills

Prices before 2014

Time series of regulated retail prices in NSW (weighted average of all network areas)

We are also sharing historical data on retailers’ published offers on electricity and gas since June 2020. This has been historically publicly available data, which was downloaded from Energy Made Easy at the relevant date. No changes were made by IPART to this data. See links to the data below:

For more information on price trends over time, please see our marketing monitoring reviews.

Historical price lists for regulated retailers

Prior to 2014, there was an “incumbent” retailer in each network (which was previously owned by the NSW Government). IPART regulated the prices able to be charged by these retailers.  Each regulated retailers’ historical retail price lists are available below:

(supplying Ausgrid network)

Integral Energy
(supplying Endeavour network)

Country Energy
(supplying Essential Energy network)

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2012 2012 2012
2011 2011 2011
2010 2010 2010
2009 2009 2009
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