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In 2023, IPART reviewed the rate peg methodology and decided to make major changes to the methodology to apply from the rate peg for the 2024-25 financial year. 

In this review, we decided to:

  • establish a council reference group to advise on the implementation of our new rate peg methodology
  • hold periodic ratepayer workshops, as a mechanism for ratepayers and other stakeholders to provide their feedback and views on the implementation of the new rate peg methodology and for us to share any new developments. 

We are currently establishing the council reference group and invite feedback from all stakeholders on the content of a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the group. You can make a submission via our website until Monday 3 June 2024.

As outlined in the draft ToR, the council reference group will comprise representatives from IPART’s Secretariat, the Office of Local Government, Local Government NSW and up to 8 local government sector representatives. The purpose of the group is to identify any practical issues or unintended consequences that might arise from the implementation of the rate peg methodology and impact communities. The council reference group will provide a forum for identifying opportunities for addressing current and emergent issues. 

We will be seeking feedback from ratepayers on these issues through online ratepayer workshops. We expect to hold the first ratepayer workshop around the same time we convene for the first council reference group meeting. We will provide further details of this workshop in due course. 

IPART will consider all feedback before finalising the Terms of Reference for the council reference group.

The council reference group and ratepayer workshops are not the only way stakeholders can engage with IPART about issues related to the rate peg methodology. Stakeholders may continue to approach IPART directly to raise issues or concerns related to the rate peg methodology, including:

  • matters that relate to a particular council
  • matters that are not priorities for consideration by the council reference group.

To hear more about the council reference group and how you can participate in a ratepayer workshop, please register your interest

For more information see our Final Report on the Review of the rate peg methodology and Information Paper on the rate peg for the 2024-25 financial year

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