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Review of Hawkesbury City Council's Contributions Plan - Vineyard

Start Date
Dec 2018
End Date
Jul 2019
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Deadline: 28 Jun 2019
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IPART has released a Draft Report on its assessment of Hawkesbury City Council’s Vineyard Precinct Section 7.11 Draft Contributions Plan (Vineyard CP). The plan applies to residential development in Vineyard Precinct - Stage 1. Our Media Release and Fact Sheet are available here.

The Vineyard Precinct is in Sydney’s North West Growth Area. Based on planning controls for the precinct, it will be home to a population of 7,489 in 2,459 dwellings.

Our recommendations would reduce total costs in the plan from $165.27 million to $129.79 million (in March 2018 dollars), which is a reduction of 21.5%.

Cost reductions primarily result from:

  • Reducing costs to upgrade Boundary Road a collector road ($10.6m)
  • Removing the cost of works for a drainage corridor not necessary for development in the precinct ($7.6m)
  • Removing costs of embellishing land in two parks with extensive existing native vegetation (ENV) ($5.7m)
  • Using lower values for constrained land and ENV land which must be acquired ($11.7m).

We have increased some costs, of both land and works, where the plan underestimated the reasonable cost the council would incur.

Indicative contributions in the plan are between $54,590 and $70,789. Our draft recommendations would reduce the contributions for equivalent lots to between $42,827 and $55,436.


IPART assesses councils’ contributions plans which propose local infrastructure contributions above $20,000 per lot or dwelling, or above $30,000 per lot or dwelling in identified greenfield areas. The maximum contributions in the plan exceed the $30,000 threshold that applies to development in Vineyard Precinct.

It is important that contributions reflect the reasonable cost to the council of providing local infrastructure, and send appropriate price signals to guide development.


We assessed the Vineyard CP against the criteria in the Local Infrastructure Contributions Practice Note (January 2019) issued by the Department of Planning and Environment. We based our assessment on information in the plan, and further information provided by the council.

What Next

We invite interested parties to make written submissions on the Draft Report by Friday 28 June 2019. Submissions can be made online via our submission form.

We will consider submissions, and then provide our Final Report to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and the council. Once the council makes any required changes, it can levy the full rate of contributions in the plan.

Key Contact
Sarah Blackwell
02 9113 7763
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