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IPART reviewed the performance indicators we collect annually from public water utilities (PWUs) and licensees under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WIC Act).

We have released a Final Report setting out our decisions on the performance indicators. We have also released amended reporting manuals to reflect the updated performance indicators and other minor changes.

We reviewed our performance indicators to ensure that the information we collect has a regulatory purpose and that we are not imposing unnecessary regulatory costs.

This means the benefits derived from requiring utilities to report on performance indicators should outweigh the costs of collection and reporting. We also have taken the opportunity to make other updates to water utility reporting manuals.

We considered feedback we received on our Issues Paper, Draft Report and draft reporting manuals and completed our analysis, before we made our final decisions on performance indicators and released our Final Report and amended reporting manuals.

Our amended reporting manuals, including the updated performance indicators commence on 1 July 2018.

We will release a template for water utilities to provide their performance indicator data in August 2018.

We will release performance indicator data reflecting the updated performance indicators for 2017-18 in late 2018.

Key contact
Erin Cini