IPART monitors compliance with safety and reliability obligations placed on electricity network operators in NSW. We also monitor compliance with licence conditions for gas and electricity networks. For some electricity networks this includes critical infrastructure security and environmental obligations.

Our 2022-25 Energy Networks Regulation Strategic Plan

The operating environment for energy networks is changing, in particular due to climate change. IPART and network operators need to respond to ensure outcomes for the people of NSW do not deteriorate.

In consultation with stakeholders, IPART has developed a 2022-25 Strategic Plan for our energy networks regulation role. This will allow us to better adapt to meet these challenges and ensure we are meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, including the people of NSW.

Our 2023-26 Energy Networks Regulation Compliance and Enforcement Priorities

One of our strategic priorities is regulatory excellence. In pursuit of this, we have published our 2023-24 Compliance Priorities. We have also included our draft priorities for the following two years, giving a three-year outlook. We aim to review these draft priorities annually and finalise in advance of the following year (maintaining a rolling 3-year horizon).

We publish our anticipated compliance and enforcement priorities to draw attention to those areas that we see as the greatest risks. As a risk-based regulator, we expect to allocate compliance and enforcement resources towards these areas as a priority. However, we continue to also regulate other areas actively and react to events as they occur. For example, while not a nominated priority, we are monitoring the changing nature of networks driven by the transition to more renewable energy.

flame, fire

Bush fire risk mitigation

Field inspections

Bush fire risk continues to present the greatest consequence for harm to the people of NSW

transmission tower, ENR

Critical Infrastructure

Licence condition compliance

Critical infrastructure conditions aim to address cyber security risk and overseas threats to electricity infrastructure

Leaf, environment

Climate change adaptation

Climate change is driving long term changes which threaten safety and resilience of supply to dependent communities

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Public lighting

Licence condition compliance

Public lighting is provided by the licensed distributors on behalf of the road authorities and mitigates public safety risks on our roads