Electricity networks

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IPART’s role

IPART holds networks accountable to their legislative responsibilities through a risk-based reporting and auditing regime. Our role covers a number of areas listed below, and more information can be found by following the links: 

Safety and reliability

Licence conditions (including critical infrastructure and environmental obligations)

Licence Condition 1(c) (Distribution Districts)

Employment guarantees

The relevant licence conditions and regulatory instruments for each of these areas are compiled here:

Licence conditions and regulatory instruments

Compliance monitoring

Find out more about out how we undertake our role through reporting, auditing and enforcing compliance at the links below:

Electricity Networks Reporting
IPART’s reporting manual for electricity network operators, Fact Sheets and IPART’s annual compliance reports to the Minister.

Electricity Networks Auditing
IPART’s audit guidelines and all information for auditors wishing to join the audit services panel.

Ensuring compliance
Our policies and procedures for enforcing compliance.

Safety Alerts

IPART may publish such details of serious electricity works accidents as we consider necessary in the interests of public information and safety (section 63V of the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995).

Safety Alerts

IPART’s annual reports to the Minister

IPART is required to report to the Minister by 31 October each year on licence compliance by electricity network operators.  The annual compliance reports are publicly released after being tabled in Parliament.

Annual Compliance Reports 2003-04 to 2018-19 

Up until 2012-13, we also regulated and reported on the compliance of energy retailers (including electricity and gas). The annual compliance report for 2012‑13 was IPART's final compliance report to the Minister on energy retailers.



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