Metro Pricing

Prices for Sydney Water Corporation from 1 July 2020

Review completed
Start Date
Jul 2019
End Date
Jun 2020


Date Document type Description Documents
12 Nov 2019 Proposal Sydney Water updated pricing proposal
Sydney Water’s update to its 2020-24 price proposal to IPART.
PDF 3.71MB
12 Nov 2019 Proposal Cover letter to Sydney Water's updated pricing proposal
Cover letter to Sydney Water’s update to its 2020-24 price proposal to IPART.
PDF 1.19MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Sydney Water pricing proposal
Overview of Sydney Water’s proposed prices from 1 July 2020
PDF 1.91MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Attachments to Sydney Water’s proposal
Supporting attachments that provide further details on specific topics in Sydney Water’s proposal.
PDF 12.1MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Customer summary
A Plain English summary to help customers understand Sydney Water’s proposal.
PDF 1.44MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Appendices - customer engagement
Detailed reports, prepared by consultants the CIE and Woolcott on Sydney Water’s customer engagement on its pricing proposal.
PDF 25.05MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Appendices - prices and modelling
Detailed price schedules and explanations of modelling Sydney Water undertook in preparing its pricing submission.
PDF 3.78MB
1 Jul 2019 Proposal Managing Director’s Declaration
Declaration by Sydney Water’s managing director that Sydney Water’s pricing proposal is consistent with IPART’s Guidelines for Water Agency Pricing Submissions.
PDF 88.96KB


Date Document type Description Documents
24 Mar 2020 Draft Report Draft report
This Report sets out our draft decisions on the maximum prices that Sydney Water can charge for its water, wastewater, stormwater, and other services, to apply from 1 July 2020. It presents draft prices and how these would affect customers, and explains how we reached our decisions. We are seeking stakeholder feedback on these decisions.
26 Nov 2019 Transcript Transcript of Public Hearing for Sydney Water and WaterNSW
PDF 560.6KB
26 Nov 2019 Hearing Presentation Presentation slides for Public Hearing for Sydney Water and WaterNSW
IPART’s presentation slides for the Public Hearing for Sydney Water and WaterNSW, held 26 November 2019 at SMC Conference and Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney.
PDF 2.13MB
26 Nov 2019 Agenda Public Hearing
Northcott Room, Level 4
SMC Conference & Function Centre
66 Goulburn Street
PDF 1.08MB
17 Sep 2019 Customer Feedback Customer feedback
Sydney Water Customer Feedback
View Customer feedback
17 Sep 2019 Issues Paper Issues paper
This Issues Paper sets out key issues in our review of Sydney Water’s water, wastewater and stormwater prices to apply from 1 July 2020. It also summarises Sydney Water’s pricing proposal and provides context for our review.

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