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Greater transparency for ratepayers’ household waste charges

In our Draft Report we have found that the domestic waste charges levied by councils vary considerably between councils and on average have risen by 4.5% per year, which is more than double inflation over recent years. 

Our Draft report proposes pricing principles to guide councils in calculating the level of waste charges. We also propose to publish an annual benchmark waste peg which will provide a guide to councils and ratepayers on the level that waste charges should change each year.

We consider that increased transparency will encourage councils to find efficiencies and help ratepayers to more readily engage with councils on the level of service they want and the price they are prepared to pay.

The benchmark waste peg is proposed to be 1.1% for the 2022-23 financial year.

We also propose to publish an annual domestic waste charges report which will identify each councils’ performance against the waste peg. Most Sydney metropolitan councils contract out most of their DWM services to external providers, while many regional and rural councils provide most DWM services in-house. The number and type of DWM services provided across councils varies widely – some councils provide regular kerbside collection of general waste, recycling and organics, while in other areas residents deliver their waste directly to a waste facility.

There are multiple external factors likely to be putting pressure on DWM costs, such as the change in the market for recyclables, increases in the waste levy and shortages in landfills. And these all impact costs.

We encourage ratepayers, councils and other stakeholders to make a submission to the review. IPART will consider all comments made on its website and in submissions.

Submissions are due by 29 April 2022.

IPART will hold a public hearing in July 2022 after it has considered public submissions.

You can use this heat map to view the average annual domestic waste charge and residential rate in different local councils across NSW.

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Sheridan Rapmund
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