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IPART has sought feedback on local council household waste charges

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has sought feedback on its Discussion Paper released on domestic waste management charges levied by local councils.

We recently held three public webinars on our Discussion Paper. A copy of the webinar presentation is available here.

IPART has decided not to set a limit on annual domestic waste management charges made by local councils for 2021-22. This decision is in line with our decisions on these charges to date, and is not part of the current review of domestic waste management charges. More information on the 2021-22 decision, see our Fact Sheet and Media Release.

Watch our video presentation of the Discussion Paper.


There is a wide variation in charges, and in some cases they may not be delivering good value for ratepayers. There may also be challenges for local councils in purchasing and pricing waste management services.

Previously IPART had decided not to regulate waste charges, but now needs to consider whether this is the right approach going forward.

We intend to approach the issue with caution, recognising that prescriptive regulation may not be appropriate. There may be other ways to help councils and ratepayers get quality services at reasonable prices, such as improving transparency of costs and sharing best practice guidance.

The Discussion Paper asked for feedback on whether stakeholders consider that there are any issues with the prices charged for waste management services, and, if so, how IPART should respond.

We are particularly interested in whether charges reflect the reasonable and efficient costs of providing waste services while meeting environmental and legislative requirements. We were also keen to hear what opportunities there may be for greater transparency for customers and councils.

Ratepayers, councils and other stakeholders were encouraged to make a submission to the review. We will consider all comments made via the website and in submissions. Stakeholder submissions that we received are available here.

You can use this heat map to view the average annual domestic waste charge and residential rate in different local councils across NSW.

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