Audits are necessary to ensure that licensees under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW) (WICA) effectively manage their schemes and minimise any risks to public health, safety and the environment. This includes managing construction, operation and maintenance of the schemes, as well as retail supply of services to customers. Audits also ensure that licensees comply with their legal and formal requirements.

Only auditors approved by IPART may conduct these audits. Further information on the audit framework under WICA is included in the Audit Guidelines.

Fact Sheets

Summary of Audit Framework

Sustainability Assessment sewerage schemes

Technology approval non potable water schemes

Joining the Audit Panel for the purpose of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006

Audit Guidelines

IPART has prepared a WIC Act Audit Guidelines to provide guidance to auditors and licensees regarding the conduct of each type of audit that we require to fulfil our obligations under the WIC Act.

WIC Act Audit Guideline – July 2020

WIC Act Audit Services Panel

Suitably qualified organisations (including sole traders) may apply for Panel membership and nominate individual employees for inclusion on our list of approved Auditors.

WIC Act audit services panel application

We encourage applications for this panel at anytime.

All organisations applying for the Panel must complete application form A. Complete form B for each auditor you seek to include on the Panel.

WIC Act Audit Services Panel Guide

Application for WIC Act Audit Services Panel – Form A - Organisations

Application for WIC Act Audit Services Panel – Form B - Auditor

If we approve your application, we will provide you with an Audit Services Panel Agreement to sign.

Panel Agreement / Deed Poll

The Panel does not include a list of technical service providers any more. We procure technical advice services via the NSW Government professional services scheme.



WIC Act Audit Guidelines

WIC Act Insurance Guideline

Audit Services Panel Agreement

If your application is recommended for approval, you will be asked to sign the Audit Services Panel Agreement.  You must agree to a number of conditions such as:

  • engaging competent, suitably qualified personnel and allocating sufficient resources to ensure the audit is completed as required
  • holding public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and workers compensation insurance with a reputable insurer.

List of approved Auditors

We keep a list of approved auditors to ensure all WIC Act licensees have access to appropriate auditors. Licensees may select suitably qualified individuals from the list of approved auditors to undertake audits. Licensees can also nominate auditors and request our approval. Our preferred approach is for licensees to use pre-approved auditors for all audits.

List of approved Auditors