Licence application forms

If you are considering applying for a WIC Act licence, we strongly suggest you contact the Water Regulation and Compliance Team at IPART on 9290 8412 or email Christine Allen, Director Regulation and Compliance on to arrange a time to meet with us before you apply.

WIC Act Application Form

WIC Act Application Form – Guidance document

WIC Act audit services panel application

We encourage applications for this panel at anytime.
All organisations applying for the Panel must complete application form A. Complete form B for each auditor you seek to include on the Panel.

WIC Act Audit Services Panel Guide

Application for WIC Act Audit Services Panel – Form A - Organisations
Application for WIC Act Audit Services Panel – Form B - Auditor

If we approve your application, we will provide you with an Audit Services Panel Agreement to sign.

Panel Agreement / Deed Poll

The Panel does not include a list of technical service providers any more. We procure technical advice services via the NSW Government professional services scheme.


WIC Act Audit Guidelines

WIC Act Insurance Guideline