IPART administers and periodically reviews the operating licences and sets the maximum prices that can be charged for water and wastewater services by Sydney Water, Hunter Water and Water NSW. We also set maximum prices for the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation as well as the prices for urban water on the NSW Central Coast and in Broken Hill.

Information on IPART’s pricing and licensing reviews and decisions are available for each of the public water utilities we regulate at the links below.

Central Coast Council - formerly Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council

Essential Energy - Broken Hill

Hunter Water

Sydney Water

Water NSW

Water Administration Ministerial Corporation - services delivered by Crown Lands and Water and Water NSW

To assist water utilities and their stakeholders, we:

  • Provide an example of the building block financial model that we use to calculate prices.
  • Provide this Handbook to guide water businesses in preparing their proposals and managing ongoing performance under our 3Cs framework, by setting out our expectations of businesses and outlining our regulatory processes.
  • Publish an annual report on the performance of the utilities.
  • Established the Regulators Advisory Panel to promote better collaboration between water regulators for the benefit of customers and water businesses in NSW.