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We require performance reporting and conduct regular audits of all licensed water utilities to ensure compliance with their licences.

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy sets our principles of compliance and enforcement, risk-based regulatory model, compliance approach and enforcement action decision-making framework.

Public water utilities

We collect and publish annual performance information provided by Sydney Water, Hunter Water and WaterNSW on water quality, system continuity and reliability, environmental performance and customer service. This ensures transparency and improves public confidence, as well as providing additional incentives to the utilities to perform to expectations and enable identification of areas for improvement.

In assessing compliance we also consider information from other regulators and complaints made to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

More information is available in the Audit Guideline.

Alternate water utilities

IPART also ensures regular audits of alternate water utilities that are licensed under the Water Industry Competition Act (WICA) minimise any risk to public health, safety and the environment.

Auditors undertaking these audits must be approved by IPART.

More information is available in the Audit Guideline.

Enforcement Action Notices

IPART may take enforcement actions in response to a non-compliance with a regulatory requirement, licence requirement or a direction from IPART.

We publish notices outlining enforcement actions in our enforcement action notice register below.

Enforcement Action Notice Register

Enforcement Action Notice  Date of Issue 
Enforcement Action Notice 01/2018 - Discovery Point Water Pty Ltd 31 August 2018
Enforcement Action Notice - 01/2019 - Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd 5 April 2019
Enforcement Action Notice - 02/2019 - Water NSW contravention of clause 2.1.1 ~ PWU Operational Audit 2018   3 May 2019 
Enforcement Action Notice - 03/2019 - Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd
23 May 2019


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