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Audits are necessary to ensure that licensees under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW) (WICA) effectively manage their schemes and minimise any risks to public health, safety and the environment.  This includes managing construction, operation and maintenance of the schemes, as well as retail supply of services to customers.  Audits also ensure that licensees comply with their legal and formal requirements.

Only auditors approved by IPART may conduct these audits.  Further information on the audit framework under WICA is included in the Audit Guidelines.

Fact Sheets

Summary of Audit Framework
Sustainability Assessment sewerage schemes
Technology approval non potable water schemes
Joining the Audit Panel for the purpose of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006

Audit Guidelines

IPART has prepared a WIC Act Audit Guidelines to provide guidance to auditors and licensees regarding the conduct of each type of audit that we require to fulfil our obligations under the WIC Act.

WIC Act Audit Guideline – September 2018

Technical Services and Water Licensing Audit Panel

Suitably qualified organistions (including sole traders) may apply for membership of the Panel and nominate individual employees for inclusion on IPART's list of approved Auditors and Area Specialists.

Panel Application Form

IPART is currently seeking applications for appointment to the Panel. All applicants must complete Part A of the application form, and every individual that they nominate must complete Parts B and E. Only individuals nominated by the applicant as Lead Auditors or Auditors should complete Parts C and D.

A. Panel invitation and application form Part A - Mandatory
B. Part B - Mandatory
C. Part C - Lead Auditors only
D. Part D - Auditors only
E. Part E - Mandatory

Panel Agreement/ Deed Poll

Successful applicants will be required to execute a Technical Services and Water Licensing Audit Panel Agreement (Panel Agreement), prior to appointment to the Panel.  The Panel Agreement will be the contract between IPART and a Panel Member.  It will outline the terms and conditions of a member's appointment to the Panel.

The Deed Poll will confirm and Auditor's obligations to IPART under the Panel Agreement. Auditors are expected to provide audit services with due care, skill and diligence for IPART's benefit.

Panel Agreement / Deed Poll

List of approved Auditors and Area Specialists

Licensees may select personnel from the list of approved auditors to undertake audits.  IPART may select Auditors or Area Specialists (previously called Technical Professionals) to provide services.

List of approved Auditors and Area Specialists

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