Changes to WIC Act

See important information regarding changes to Water Industry Competition Act 2014.

Current regulatory framework

The Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WIC Act) commenced on 8 August 2008. The WIC Act, among other things, sets out when a licence is required, the procedures for applying for a licence, how licences and licence fees are determined, and how licences are audited and enforced. The WIC Act is supported by the Water Industry Competition (General) Regulation 2021 which sets out the matters a licence application must address, standard licence conditions and the retailer of last resort provisions. The Regulation also provides for a marketing code of conduct and transfer code of conduct. To protect customers, the Marketing Code sets the standards of conduct for marketers representing licensed retail suppliers and the minimum level of information to be provided to customers. The Transfer Code regulates the process for the transfer of customers between licensed retail suppliers or a licensed retail supplier and a public water utility. This page sets out all the regulatory instruments that are applicable to the water licensing regime established by the WIC Act.

Further information