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IPART released Determinations for 8 council applications for 2017-18 special rate variations on 9 May 2017. Applications were assessed against Guidelines released by the Office of Local Government.

Fact Sheet: Decisions on councils' request for special variations for 2017-18

Legislation was passed by Parliament which allowed Mid-Coast council to apply for, and IPART to assess, a special variation application for 2017-18. IPART has assessed the council's application against the NSW Government's published criteria.

The Determination for Mid-Coast Council's special variation application is available to view below.

The timetable for the 2018-19 round of special rate variations will be made available following the release of 2018-19 Guidelines by the Office of Local Government (OLG). Typically, Councils would notify IPART of their intention to apply for a special variation in December and applications would be due around February.

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