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On 21 April, IPART received a letter from Lismore City Council notifying us that it had resolved to withdraw its special variation application.

Local councils seeking a special variation to general income above the rate peg (which we set at 2.6% for 2020-21), or to increase minimum rate levels above the statutory limit, are required to submit applications to IPART for review and assessment.

Councils intending to apply for a Special Variation or Minimum Rate Increase for 2020-21 should refer to the new Application Forms, Guides and Fact Sheets (below)

Application forms and Guides

Fact Sheets

The following Fact Sheets may assist councils in preparing their 2020-21 applications:

Special variations may fund improvements in a council’s financial sustainability, asset renewals or maintenance, or new or enhanced services or projects important to the community.

Special variations may be temporary or remain permanently in the rate base.

We will assess applications against the criteria set out in the Office of Local Government’s:

All special variation applications needed to demonstrate the need for the additional revenue, that the council engaged with and made the community aware of the proposed changes, and the council is making productivity improvements.

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