Current water prices

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Metropolitan water 

IPART sets the maximum prices that declared water utilities can charge for water and wastewater services, but your actual bills depend on how much water you use. Your water utility can provide more information about individual bills.  

Rural water

IPART sets the maximun prices for farmers, irrigators, industrial users and town water suppliers who use water services provided by WaterNSW and the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation.

IPART does not set water prices for regional areas where services are provided by local government.

Information on our decisions about each water utility

Utility Current Determination Upcoming Determinations
Sydney Water (servicing Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountains) Fact Sheets, Final Report or Determination for Sydney Water prices from 1 July 2016.
Hunter Water Fact SheetsFinal Report or Determination for Hunter Water prices from 1 July 2016.

Central Coast Council

Prices from 1 July 2013, see Fact SheetsFinal ReportGosford Determination or Wyong Determination

 Media Release
Essential Energy (servicing Broken Hill) Prices are set until 30 June 2018, see Fact SheetsFinal Report or Determination  Media Release
WaterNSW Greater Sydney Fact SheetFinal Report or Determination for WaterNSW's (Greater Sydney) prices from 1 July 2016.
Sydney Desalination Plant Prices from 1 July 2017, see Fact SheetFinal Report or Determination  
WaterNSW Rural Prices from 1 July 2017, see Fact SheetFinal Report or Determination
Water Administration Ministerial Corporation Prices from 1 July 2016: regulated river users fact sheetunregulated river users fact sheetgroundwater users fact sheetmetering and consent transaction charges fact sheetFinal Report or Determination
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